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Hope Mansell Parish Council - What We Do

The Parish Council exists to represent and assist the people of the parish, is the first rung on the ladder of government, and a first place to call for ultra-local issues, since the council should also know where to go if its members are unable to resolve an issue. Basically, we're here to help.

Currently, Hope Mansell Parish Council - which includes Dancing Green and Bailey Lane End:

  1. Deals with Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty in matters to do with roads, for instance potholes and speeding
  2. Works to keep footpaths clear and accessible
  3. Receives planning applications in the parish and makes comments to Herefordshire planning department (but has no decision-making power)
  4. Is able to make small financial contributions to certain local initiatives
  5. Tries to assist in a variety of miscellaneous concerns, for example, paying for and installing a defibrillator at Bailey Lane End, looking for solutions to anti-social behaviour at the viewpoint

Parish Council meetings are open to the public - anyone can come along.

Where does the money come from?

The Parish Council requests a precept from Herefordshire (£2,500 in 2019-20) which is charged to Council Tax from properties in the Parish. The amount of the precept is based on the Parish Council's assessment of its needs during the year - which obviously depend on what it expects to do.