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Next meeting:
Wednesday 11th September at 7:00pm
at Hope Mansell Village Hall
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Wednesday 8th May
Wednesday 13th March
To find out about Hope Mansell and neighbouring parishes,
there is a lot of information on the
Weston News website

Hope Mansell Parish consists of the villages of Hope Mansell, Bailey Lane End and Dancing Green (see map).

It is situated in south-east Herefordshire, near the border with Gloucestershire and close to the Forest of Dean.

We are a small and fairly spread out rural community, which includes a village hall, St.Michael's Church in Hope Mansell, and the Methodist Church of Bailey Lane End. We divide Parish Council meetings between the two communities, alternating between Hope Mansell Village Hall and the schoolroom at Bailey Lane End Church.

We live in a beautiful area and the Parish Council works to maintain that.